To love as Jesus loves

May 15, 2022
Andrea leads our service today and encourages us to show love as Jesus did. Is loving others easy? Not always! Some people are a challenge to love, but still we…

Renewing the Covenant

January 9, 2022
Andrea looks at the topic of God's love and care for us, even when times are tough, His love is ever-present and always available! If you would like to participate…

Praying with Hannah

November 14, 2021
In the sermon we look at Hannah's story and different ways to pray.

Grieving with Job

October 10, 2021
The sermon encourages us to think about Job as a model for grieving. To honestly express our anger, sadness and frustration to God and to our friends. To picture God…

Seeking Wisdom

September 12, 2021
Sometimes we have to unlearn what we think we know and go through a time of confusion, called the learning pit before we gain wisdom. This is what Peter and…